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XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition

Creating website, player, web services and organizing webcasts for XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition.

XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition is the major event in the world of classical music. It is held once every four years. In 2011 it was held in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) and was a great success.

Here is how Valery Gergiev (director of the Mariinsky Theatre, principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra, and artistic director of the White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg) described this event:

The Tchaikovsky Competition is a cultural ambassador which spreads the rich musical culture of Russia all around the world. I am talking about the competitive performances, the international radio and internet-broadcasts, the following tours of the prize-winners.
Valery Gergiev
Chairman of the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition
Of course such big event cannot be held by our company alone. Here is what we did:

  • Web site (
    We’ve implemented web site for webcasts, including DB, web services and other infrastructure required by other components.
  • Silverlight Player for webcasts
    Rich media player which allows:
    • Watch live webcast, archives, behind the scenes videos, historical videos and messages from the hosts.
    • Browse through competitors profiles (photos, biographies, awards, education and etc.) and vote for them
    • Navigate to special moments in the video using special markers on the time line.
    • Share a video with a friend at specific moment (e.g. at 09:42 on the time line)
  • Webcast administrative area
    Web administrative area allowing to control player on user end in near-real time. It allowed to change currently playing live signal, switch to countdown screen (showing time left until next webcast) change titles and many more.
  • Delivering signal from cameras to our player
    • Setting up Video Encoding and Publishing Points
    • Content Delivery Network(CDN) integration. To decrease load on the main server
    • Webcast monitoring and support
    • iPad application.

Webcast was streamed using IIS Smooth Streaming. adaptive technologies in 10 qualities, starting from 256Kbps to 20Mbps (Full HD) video. So whatever your network connection was you always got optimal video quality

Currently we're supporting web site.

  • C#
  • Silverlight
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • WCF
  • Expression Encoder 4 Pro
  • IIS Smooth Streaming
  • CDN