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Perepel Karaoke iPad

Application for those who loves singing.

Perepel Karaoke – is a great application to train your singing skills. Register, select composition you would like to perform from catalogue, download it and enjoy singing and cool graphics during performance.

Earn points and send results to server to share with your friends. Or just save your performance to your iPhone and try to perform it better next time. Voice auto correction feature will help you to smooth small errors and you will be able to feel yourself like a professional singer.

Основные фунции:

  • Registration and authorization
  • Catalogue updatable on server
  • Based on mp3 files and scenario files
  • Determining of user voice frequency and graphic support of performance basing on scenario file
  • Saving voice files and ability to send it to server
  • Playing songs performed earlier
  • Performance rating system
  • Voice autocorrection

At this moment application catalog is in suspended state due to legal issues. The stakeholder of the application is in the process of resolving these issues, and once they are resolved the application will start operating again.

  • Audio Units
  • Multithreading
  • OpenGL
  • Mathematical algorithms of voice recognition and evaluation