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Kitty Likes Learning

The new app from the creators of the # 1 educational games Preschool Kitty and Preschool Eduplay! Play, learn and have fun with Kitty!

We have placed great importance on the playing children being taught something new - and that not only already existing knowledge is being checked as is the case with most existing "learning games".

Kitty guides the player through the game, explains the tasks and gives all information required for the solution. And if necessary, Kitty even helps with finding the solutions. The tasks include the areas of knowledge, search, logic, and puzzles.

More than 4 hours of spoken explanations for more than 400 individual objects in 100 games provide dozens of hours of play and learning fun! Of course, we have again included our proven system of motivation – for solved tasks there are great rewards with extra fun. As rewards we added in more than 50 puzzles!

NEW: Parents can set how often Kitty praises the children and how often rewards are distributed!

NEW: up to five children can play with this app! User management ensures that different players will be greeted by their name and find their own game progress.

  • UIKit
  • CoreAnimation
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Purchases