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Hidden Objects With Kitty

In a nutshell: Full educational focus on fun & customizable amount of praise and rewards & usable for different players!

One of the most beloved mini-games in Preschool Eduplay (our #1 educational game!) is the hidden object game. We got so many requests for that one that we decided to give you an app that is focussing on the hidden objects only!

Your little ones will have so much fun looking for hidden funny objects in child-friendly scenes.

And as usual, we have included an incredible amount of content: In total more than 250 items are to be found!

This app can be used by up to 5 different players. All progress is stored for each player separately - and can of course be cleared for high replay value!

As a bonus the name for every player can be recorded. At the beginning of every new game the player will then be greeted by his own name!

We have also included our proven reward system: players are awarded stickers for solved screens that can then be played as picture puzzles!

NEW FEATURE: the frequency of rewards and the amount of praise Kitty is giving is fully customizable!

Be warned: this app is so motivating and exciting for your little ones, that they will be busy for quite a bit of time...

Invest the best micro-payment you can spend on relaxing educational fun time for you and your little ones now!

  • UIKit
  • CoreAnimation
  • Push Notifications