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All Maps

On IMTA 2012 conference in Dresden application took 2nd place.

Atlas driven navigational application intended to work in offline mode.

All Maps application allows to use maps and atlases published in different countries of the world. Application contains virtual bookshelf which will store any amount of atlases you will download.

Each atlas is an analogue of its original paper version but is much more convenient in use and has large amount of additional functionality. For example you can easily find street or post office; also most map objects have additional information available.

If your location is somewhere within atlas space, the app can act like a navigator, showing your location in real time and switching pages if needed. The application is developed to work offline, which distinguishes it from most navigational applications.

Основные возможности:

  • Virtual bookshelf allows to manage atlases
  • Convenient shop containing free and paid version of each atlas, categories and search
  • Two level tiled system of atlas rendering for memory optimization and smoother atlas view experience
  • Full screen mode
  • Map objects index
  • Detailed information about most map objects
  • Possibility to call or mail selected organization on the map
  • Find Me functionality showing your location on the map which allows to use the application as a navigation app
  • All functionality available offline
  • Bookmarks which store not only page, but also its position and zoom level
  • Localized for use in Russian and English languages

  • Tiled Images
  • Core Graphics
  • Core Animation
  • Core Location
  • In App Purchase
  • UIKit
  • Cocoa
  • Objective-C